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Welcome to in4m- Websites For Small Businesses

Based in the Enterprise Gateway Market Town of Faringdon in Oxfordshire, in4m looks after the electronic information needs and the websites of smaller businesses. Businesses that are ”In Form” (so THAT’S how it’s pronounced!) will always have the edge over their competitors...

We will work with you to ensure that you’re making the best use of the electronic information tools available to you - including the web and your website of course - so that you can focus on what YOU do best: drive your business and more effectively target your customers. in4m will help you work smarter, not harder.

Being better In4med is the key - for you and for your customers. This means the best information tools and the ability to use these tools effectively. You need a web site that really works for you; you need a contact management system that pampers your existing customers and targets the right prospects; and you need all these tools to be integrated.

That’s where in4m can help. We will help you design and develop websites and other information tools, and we will then continue to help you in the ongoing training and support - should you require this. And we do all this for a budget appropriate to smaller businesses. RoboText 5.0

The right In4mation at the right time means power. When you know something that others don’t, then you’re the early bird. in4m can also show you how to use the many electronic information searching tools that are freely available to you, or we can carry out more extensive information searches on your behalf using the world’s leading online information systems.

Working together - or working
”In 4mation”
- is what it’s all about - with in4m as your electronic information partner!

CoolTips 5.0


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