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Your Web Site is ALIVE!



You’ll have your in4m-developed website delivered on CD as well as online. This means that you could choose to host your website on any service provider of your choice - or you could choose to continue to use in4m to provide the hosting. But that’s not the end of it by any means.

Your website is a living, breathing part of your business!

Online catalogs need constant updating; links to partner websites are often changing; and rolling events pages and calendars are referred to in your emailed current-awareness bulletins.

These are just some of the many examples why you need to plan carefully for your ongoing website management and updating.

Typically: plan to spend as much time per year on the updating as you did on the initial build.

You may choose to do this updating yourself, and you may already have the tools and staff with which to do this. Alternatively, in4m can provide you with tools and show you how to use them safely. This means that you will take full control of the ongoing process of your website management and updating. 

On the other hand, many smaller businesses choose to out-source their website management to a third party.

The most popular in4m hosting package includes four hours of maintenance and updating - and costs 200 annually.

For smaller sites of up to ten pages, hosting costs just 100 per year, and includes two hours of maintenance and updating.




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